Cinder Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

So Cinder. Oof. I can’t hear that word without being disappointed anymore. I think that says some questionable things about this book. Oh my god, before I summarize my opinion. So I was just on the Cinder Goodreads page and in the section where there are books readers also liked there’s The Selection, Matched, Red Queen, Throne of Glass, and The Cruel Prince. I think I just explained a lot lmao. Anyway. I didn’t have a very strong opinion. This felt predictable, boring, and more than half the time I disliked nearly every one of the characters. Iko and Dr. Erland were probably the two exceptions to that. I think I also succumbed to the hype a little bit, if I hadn’t I believe that this would be a 4-star read. I don’t know. I’m just not seeing why everyone loves this so much.

I just want to start with the romance. What the heck was this. You want to talk about insta-love? Read Cinder. They had three freaking conversations with each other before Kai asked Cinder to the ball. What idiocy is that? This proves my point about Kai being a complete moron, but we’ll talk about that later. But, all in all, I think they had about ten conversations in this book. Uh-huh. Tons of realism there. Oh oh, wait! So at the very end, Cinder’s offering her life so she can get Levana to leave. Because that’s just the fun type of character she is. That might be a slight spoiler. Sue me. Anyway, Kai immediately nods and is like, “Oh take her.” Like bro wow what a romanticist. Did nobody else catch that? Just to all the people out, there if your lover agrees to give you to an evil moon queen with superpowers, put as much distance between you as possible. Just a hint. WAIT WAIT WAIT I’M GOING TO QUOTE THIS FOR REAL TO PROVE MY POINT.

“‘I thought I’d made my decision quite clear. Only hours ago, I told my country that I would do anything to keep them safe. Anything at all.’ … ‘I acknowledge readily that you are more powerful than all Earthen kingdoms combined and I have no desire to test our forces against yours. I also recognize that I am ignorant in the ways of your culture and your people, and I cannot condemn you for the way you have governed them. I trust you have always had the best interests of your people at heart.’ He met Cinder’s gaze. His shoulders became rigid. “But it is not the way that I will have the Commonwealth governed. We must have peace, but not at the expense of freedom. I cannot- I will not marry you.’“

One, where’d this sudden burst of maturity come from. The other day wasn’t he talking back to the President of the United States? Two, so Kai freaking looks at Cinder and that makes him want to send her off to the Lunar queen even more? Excuse me? Oh and then the rest of the book he only says sorry and then later in the book he gets mad at her. I still don’t understand why he got mad at her. Didn’t he already know she was a cyborg…? Someone explain that to me. Anyway, those rants are for later. Like you couldn’t say anything to her but sorry? It doesn’t seem like Kai’s as cute and romantic as he’s hyped up to be.

ALRIGHT SO MOVING ON FROM THE TOPIC FANGIRLS ARE GOING TO KILL ME ABOUT, LET’S MOVE ONTO THE TOPIC THAT THEY’RE GOING TO GOUGE OUT MY EYES BECAUSE OF. The characters. So Cinder was less than great. Honestly, she kind of had just like one mood the whole book which was moody, depressed, and super sassy. I didn’t find any character development, she really just got more depressed as the story went on. Fun. Oh and then we have Kai, who’s just… fine. He was an idiot, he talked back to world leaders, he asked a teen mechanic to the dance after three conversations, and he kind of had a moron vibe in general. All in all though, he was a pretty loveable doofus. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a doofus though. No development there either. I did like the doctor and Iko. It’s sad that I liked a character with a chip for their personality and that didn’t show up very often more than the main characters. Either that proves that I really hate humans or these characters are a big no. Probably a little bit of both. Moving on.

I have to say, the plot and ideas were really interesting and definitely held my attention. I always think retellings are just such a cool idea, and they’re very fun to read. I mean I haven’t watched or read anything Cinderella in forever so I can’t really compare it, but it’s still cool. I didn’t feel that there was much plot progression though, I felt like you didn’t need to draw out in 400 pages what could’ve been told in 200. Maybe then we wouldn’t have 700-page books in the rest of the series because some of it fits in the first books. Look at that. Magic. Anyway, it wasn’t perfectly executed, but I thought the idea made up for that a bit.

I actually liked the writing, it felt sort of laid back compared to most recent YA books. It wasn’t very… flowery I guess. It was really simple and easy to read. I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

Anyway, overall this was definitely a didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it book. So that was disappointing but I’m excited to read Scarlet. I hope the series gets better, and thank you for reading my boring review! Don’t forget to tell me what your opinion on Cinder is and adios for now!

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20 thoughts on “Cinder Review

  1. I’m pretty sure Kai only found out Cinder was cyborg at the ball. And I think he acted the way he did toward Cinder because he didn’t want to cause a war with the Lunars.

    I also really liked the plot and world. But I agree this book was a bit of a letdown.

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  2. I haven’t read the book yet and by the looks of it, its a love-hate thing.
    And I totally get how some characters are just not realistic. Hehehe I’m still planning on reading it tho.
    Good book review. love your honesty.

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  3. I did like Cinder back when I read it, but it also didn’t blow me away 😉 The instalove also really annoyed me! Scarlet though – I absolutely loved that one! Not that it was a literary masterpiece or anything, but I just fell head over heels for the some of the tropes 😂 So I hope you end up liking it more than you did Cinder as well!

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  4. nooooooOoOooOo 😭 *deep inhale* Ahh I’m so sorry and heartbroken you didn’t like Cinder, Lilly! Despite it being one of my favs, I can see some of the points you made were valid (though I skipped some of the parts of your review because 😢) like the insta love (rip my otp hahah)… But definitely a lot of people do think that Cinder is the worst of the series (crii) so hopefully Cress and Winter especially will blow you away as then we have a larger band of characters who will hopefully have one or two you like! Ahh but thank you for your thoughts Lilly!! ❤️


  5. I read this a while ago, but I remember I didn’t care for the romance. It’s pretty much the same throughout the series. I think Scarlet is the worst in the series, but the overall story and sci-fi elements kept me reading. I think this is one series where the audiobook can vastly improve enjoyment of the story, Rebecca Soler is a fantastic narrator!

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